One of my little dreams came true! Finally went up Adarra mount. Seeing it everyday from the window made its effect.
Started the walk from Besabi Jatetxea. The path to the summit of Adarra is not indicated at all. It is not one of those way which have colour marks. So you either investigate in internet how to get there or just follow the people. Here is the link to the path we have followed.

Adarra. Jesús Mª Alquézar. Club Vasco de Camping.

The walk in the beginning goes through the beautiful forest of pine trees and elms, along sparkling waters spring. And when you come out to a clear you see Adarra coming up as a wave on you high and magnificent.

Have to say that even though everywhere it says the walk is easy – it really means there is no climbing or dangerous places. However it does require certain physical preparation since you are constantly going up and on pretty sharp angle..

At the very end when you reach the summit the whole panoramic view opens around and you can see far way 360°.

The way down we took going down surrounding the summit and passing by a small chabola eventually ended up on the same way as going up.

But remember there are no roads no signs, just remember more or less which way you came not to get lost.

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