La Piazzetta de Gros

One of these hot days we were looking for a nice place to sit in the shade and have a “menu del día” or a “plato combinado” and our attention was drawn by the terrace of La Piazzetta de Gros. The table looked sooo nice, covered with tablecloths, which is not very common around here. […]

French Basque Country – Bayonne

French Basque Country is so close but very often we forget about it. But just very close to us – much closer then Bilbao o Pamplona o Gazteiz – we have some gorgeous places and towns – Biarritz, Bayonna, St.Jean de Luz… One of our favourites is definitely Bayonne – beautiful and lively, with small […]

Terraza – Albergue de Ulia

#deterrazaspordonosti This place really deserves a star ★ for the views – you can see almost all the city. Very pleasant wooden terrace, simple and not expensive menu, best views ever :) Situation and surroundings. – Located inside a park where you can also go for a walk. Nice big star for the views! ★ Food. Nice and […]

Праздник Santo Tomás

21 декабря, отправляясь гулять в центр города, мы знали, что в этот день отмечается праздник Santo Tomás, но мы не могли предположить, что разом перенесемся в средневековый город. Такой “массовке” может позавидовать любая съемочная группа – все, абсолютно все жители города, в этот день были одеты в национальные костюмы.  Если кто-то и был в обычных […]

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