Lac de Bious-Artigues

En el corazón del valle de Ossau y el Parque Nacional de los Pirineos, el sitio del lago de Bious-Artigues permite un fácil caminar alrededor del lago, sino también para tener acceso para numerosas excursiones en el Parque Nacional de los Pirineos (a su vez lagos, ayous recorrido de Ossau, GR 10, GR 108 – […]


One of my little dreams came true! Finally went up Adarra mount. Seeing it everyday from the window made its effect. Started the walk from Besabi Jatetxea. The path to the summit of Adarra is not indicated at all. It is not one of those way which have colour marks. So you either investigate in […]


Neighbourhood of San Sebastián, situated on top of the mount Igeldo which borders San Sebastian on its western side. There are about one thousand people living in Igueldo, which is constituted by a small urban helmet of rural character and an big area of dispersed population distributed in houses and chalets. Small rural paradise on […]

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